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Reserve Shelf Mayhem

As many of you may know, when a reserve is cancelled on the reserve shelf it automatically goes to the next person but keeps it on the same reserve shelf even though it may need to go to another library. Thanks to Spencer there is now a solution. If you find your self in the aforementioned situation, go ahead and check the item out to the patron for whom it was on the reserve shelf for. Then check the item in. This will go ahead and tell you where the item needs to go for the next person on the reserve list. I hope this clears some issues up. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks again Spence!


A Change

This morning in our meeting Diane brought up that she had had trouble with using the Check In field for items coming to us from other libraries patrons had requested. Heather learned that when we get items from other branches for patrons we need to not check them in but go to the Inter-Branch Loan menu at scan the item in under arrived at. This will automatically put it on the Reserve Shelf for us. If you have any questions just see Heather or myself.