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A Few Items

It has been fairly busy lately so I apologize for not posting anything over the past couple of weeks. Even without posting anything it is still a good idea to periodically check here. Anyway, there a few items I want to bring to your attention. First, please be sure you are writing down the deposit and cash at closing on the sheet under the cash register. It is important to see if money has been miscounted or possibly taken during the evening. Second, please put vhs and dvds that have the green Nolichucky stickers on them in the same area as the new vhs and dvds. These do not need to be mixed with the regular vhs and dvds as they are traded out every couple of months. If you do not know where they should be located please ask me. Lastly, please be extra careful when working with the excel spreadsheet on the computer at the computer sign-in desk. Many times there are items deleted or added that do not need to be there. I believe that is all for the moment. Thanks again for your hard work.