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ILL Instructions

This post will go for main and how we handle ILL transactions. Here are the procedures that Andy would like for us to follow:


Directions for Checking out ILL Items at Main Branch

1.     Find book or books on Reserve shelf in closet.

2.     Bring to the circ desk and pull the card with patron’s name, phone number and due date out of the book.

3.     Check out the book using the SCPL barcode slip at the back of the book.  **Give the book a special due date according to the date given on the patron slip you pulled from the book instead of the standard 3 week due date.  This is important because this is the due date given us by the lending library as to when the book should be sent back.

4.     After checking out using the special due date, take the card with the patron’s name, etc.  you pulled from the book and put it in the black wire letter holder sitting to the right of the computers at the circ desk.

5.     If you have any questions about procedures please contact Andy.

Directions for Checking In ILL Items at Main Branch

1.     Check in the same as you would any other book using the barcode slip attached to the back of book. 

2.     Place book in wire basket labeled “ILL” on bottom shelf of the reshelving staging area just inside the door to Todd’s office.

Let Andy know if you have any questions. Thanks.