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Funny Pic

Theresa was window shopping the other day and found this oddity, but the best part about the photo is the expression on her face!


Celebrating Earth Day/Week

Found this on a blog called “A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette.” Thought you guys might like it as well.

Librarians can celebrate Earth Week by…

  • Unplugging all of the library’s computers
  • Burning library books to save fossil fuels
  • Encouraging staff to not shower for a week
  • Only circulating green books
  • Using patron poop to fertilize library landscaping

Medieval Helpdesk

This is so true! Have you ever helped someone like this before?

Dr. Seuss in the House!!

Just thought everyone would enjoy seeing our very own Vickie dressed as Dr. Seuss. lol


Laughter on a Friday

I was reading a blog and they had posted this video that I haven’t seen in years. I first saw it when I was in college and just couldn’t get enough of it. I was glad to find it again. You will definitely need your sound on for this so you might have to watch it at home [or your manager’s office ;-)]. Why is it so amusing to see someone else in pain

Quite Funny

You might have to watch this at home so you can hear it.