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Email Subscription

I know it is hard for many of you to remember to check the blog on a regular basis so I have added an email subscription to the page. Anytime a new post is added it will be sent directly to your email. To comment you will have to go to the blog and post it there. There is a link in the top, left hand column called Receive Posts By Email. Just click on the link and it will give you instructions on signing up. Its that easy. Thanks.


Getting Emails

Good morning all! I wanted to remind everyone that we are in the process of getting our email program in Atriuum up and running. This will enable us to send emails to those with overdue books and fines instead of spending time and money sending snail mail. One thing we need everyone in the system to do is to get patron’s emails. When someone comes to the desk to check material out and you see we do not have an email address for them ask them if they have one and put it in the system. Some may be skeptical but insure them that we will not sale or use their email address of soliciting purposes. Iterate to them it is a cost saving tool for the library system.

Also, remember that we are doing door counts this week. Thanks and have a great Monday!