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Post Script

I failed to mention in my post yesterday that money can no longer be counted earlier than 15 minutes before we close. This is causing to many discrepancies when counting in the mornings and with the deposits. From now on, please count the money 15 minutes before the building closes. Thanks.


Change to Close Report

I have changed the way the close report looks at have also added a couple of new categories. A wifi column has been added. A count of how many people are using the wifi connection needs to be counted. If you see someone with a laptop out this needs to be counted as a wifi user. There will be a piece of paper beside the counters so the number of people can be tallied. Also, I want to start keeping a more accurate count reference and directional questions. I have put the counters on the counter beside the register so everyone can start keeping a better count. Please use this as much as possible. I actually believe we are shorting ourselves with the number of questions we receive daily. Directional questions are when someone asks you where something is located within the library. Such as asking where the fiction are located or where Genealogy is located. Reference questions are those where we dispense information to the patron. This includes how to use a program on the computer, if we have a certain book in the system, or help in finding directions on the Internet.

The other column added to the report deals with number of new patrons. I need an exact count of adult, children and youth who received a card. There are columns on the form they complete that will tell you what category they would fall in. Please no longer combine children and youth. If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks!

A Few Items

It has been fairly busy lately so I apologize for not posting anything over the past couple of weeks. Even without posting anything it is still a good idea to periodically check here. Anyway, there a few items I want to bring to your attention. First, please be sure you are writing down the deposit and cash at closing on the sheet under the cash register. It is important to see if money has been miscounted or possibly taken during the evening. Second, please put vhs and dvds that have the green Nolichucky stickers on them in the same area as the new vhs and dvds. These do not need to be mixed with the regular vhs and dvds as they are traded out every couple of months. If you do not know where they should be located please ask me. Lastly, please be extra careful when working with the excel spreadsheet on the computer at the computer sign-in desk. Many times there are items deleted or added that do not need to be there. I believe that is all for the moment. Thanks again for your hard work.

Closing Procedures

We have been noticing that some items pertaining to closing are not being taken care of when shutting down for the evening. I understand it is easy to become overwhelmed at times when it gets closing time rolls around but we need to be proactive. It is very frustrating when one opens the next morning and closing procedures have been neglected. We need to work together to ensure we are not creating a toxic work environment for our fellow staff. I have placed a copy of the closing procedures on the front desk Virginia passed along at a Main Branch staff meeting some months back. I have also added them at the end of this post. Please review them and take note of what needs to be done. Thank you for your hard work.

Closing Procedures – Main

  1. Two Hours Before
    1. shelve all remaining books
    2. if time permits, shelf read in your area
  2. One Hour Before
    1. straighten individual areas
    2. check to see if bathrooms, tables, counters, etc. need cleaning (make sure toilet paper and paper towels are filled
  3. 30 Minutes Before
    1. start daily reports
    2. 15 minute warning for computer users
  4. 15 Minutes Before
    1. turn off half of the lights
    2. shut down public access computers
    3. run Z report on register
  5. Closing
    1. turn off circulation computers
    2. turn off remaining lights
    3. sign out
    4. change signs to “CLOSED”
    5. lock doors