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Patron Card Issues

In the manager’s meeting yesterday, two new policies were set into place, well one was restated. First, it was assumed that parents could not sign-up their children for library cards if the children were not present. This is not the case. Parents can sign-up their children for library cards even if the children are not present, no questions asked. Second, there is a policy change for new patron card costs. We have all experienced patrons who have the old white cards and would like to acquire one of our new cards but do not want to pay the $3.00 fee that accompanies it. If a patron will turn in their old card, we will drop the price to $2.00 for the card. (Make sure the information is changed in Atriuum to reflect the new barcode.) This does not apply to lost cards. They are still $3.00 for a replacement. If you have any questions regarding either one of these changes, do not hesitate to speak with your manager.


Reserve Shelf Mayhem

As many of you may know, when a reserve is cancelled on the reserve shelf it automatically goes to the next person but keeps it on the same reserve shelf even though it may need to go to another library. Thanks to Spencer there is now a solution. If you find your self in the aforementioned situation, go ahead and check the item out to the patron for whom it was on the reserve shelf for. Then check the item in. This will go ahead and tell you where the item needs to go for the next person on the reserve list. I hope this clears some issues up. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks again Spence!

Concerning Old Barcodes

Here at the main branch we have discovered something concerning old barcodes. We all know of times when old barcodes are scanned and the screen goes white or will not take the barcode. There is a way to fix this without having to change the barcode. Go to catalog and click on edit item. Scan the barcode. Under holdings click on Edit in the holdings box (box is outlined in blue).On the next screen click change the Barcode Type to 14-Holdings-Text. Then click Save and this will alleviate the problem. We might need to do this in one big clump at some point but for now do it on a need by need basis. If you have any questions just call myself or Vickie.

Getting Emails

Good morning all! I wanted to remind everyone that we are in the process of getting our email program in Atriuum up and running. This will enable us to send emails to those with overdue books and fines instead of spending time and money sending snail mail. One thing we need everyone in the system to do is to get patron’s emails. When someone comes to the desk to check material out and you see we do not have an email address for them ask them if they have one and put it in the system. Some may be skeptical but insure them that we will not sale or use their email address of soliciting purposes. Iterate to them it is a cost saving tool for the library system.

Also, remember that we are doing door counts this week. Thanks and have a great Monday!

In-House Use

Hello everyone! I’m finally putting something on here for the first time in a couple of weeks. This will not happen very often but with inventory and such it has been a little crazy trying to find time to post. Anyway, starting Tuesday, September 2 we will start logging in-house use for all the buildings. Each building has been given a sheet with barcodes on it with different newspapers listed. Use this to scan the different barcodes when someone uses that particular newspaper. Also, someone will need to periodically go through the stacks to collect books that patrons have used and scan them in under in-house use. They will then need to be re-shelved. Signs will be put up asking patrons to place used material on carts set aside for this. It may take some time for patrons to get used to this so try and help them in this matter.

As for how to log in-house, click on circulation, then click on log in-house use. Scan the books then press the log queued records. This will place them under in-house use. That’s pretty much it. It is that simple. This is an important item we are adding to our stats. It will definitely help make our stats better and give us a clearer understanding of what is being used even when it is not checked out. Thanks.

A Change

This morning in our meeting Diane brought up that she had had trouble with using the Check In field for items coming to us from other libraries patrons had requested. Heather learned that when we get items from other branches for patrons we need to not check them in but go to the Inter-Branch Loan menu at scan the item in under arrived at. This will automatically put it on the Reserve Shelf for us. If you have any questions just see Heather or myself.