Vacation Policy

KC wanted me to pass along a reminder concerning the vacation policy. All vacation/personal days need to be approved one month in advance. So, when you are making your schedule for the following month, vacation/personal days have to be put in your schedule and approved by your manager and Robin (through the time-off request database on the website). Any day taken off that is not approved a month in advance will be considered a sick day. If you have any questions concerning this policy feel free to speak with your manager, Robin or KC. Thanks.


Reserve Policy

A few cases have occurred concerning a patron wanting to check out a book and it is on reserve for another patron. After conversing with the other managers and K.C., we have decided the patron who brought the book to the desk is the recipient. Although, this is somewhat of a judgement call on your part. If you feel the book on reserve might be used for research purposes then you have the right to tell the patron there is a hold on the book. If you ever need help in making the decision do not hesitate to ask your manager. Feel free to leave comments here with any questions or concerns you may have. Thanks!

Celebrating Earth Day/Week

Found this on a blog called “A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette.” Thought you guys might like it as well.

Librarians can celebrate Earth Week by…

  • Unplugging all of the library’s computers
  • Burning library books to save fossil fuels
  • Encouraging staff to not shower for a week
  • Only circulating green books
  • Using patron poop to fertilize library landscaping

Medieval Helpdesk

This is so true! Have you ever helped someone like this before?

Can anyone help me?

0409091949aCan anyone help me?! I seem to have lost my way!

School Referendum

“Just a reminder to give a referendum bookmark out to every patron checking out materials every time they checkout between now and the election. It would be a good idea to read the back of the bookmark, so that you are familiar with the specifics of the referendum.” Per KC.

When the cat’s away…

When the cat’s away….the mice make fun of the cat and he puts their pictures on the Internet!