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Customer Service

After some discussion with other staff members, our meetings last week, and my own thoughts, I have thought much about customer service. I want to start a series of blog postings for customer service. In my opinion, customer service ranks higher than any other service we offer. It makes a lasting impression, whether good or bad, on our patrons. Because of this, customer service is a priority. So to begin with discussion I want input from everyone. When you hear the words “customer service,” what immediately pops into your head? Answer this question and we’ll see where to go from that point. Thanks!



I wanted to put another reminder on here concerning reserves. Please remember that reserves take precedence over someone wanting to renew material. If a patron brings in, or calls, to renew material but the item is on the the reserve they cannot renew. Please do not override the renewal for any reason. Speak with your manager if you have any questions regarding a particular transaction.