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Email Conduct

Just as a reminder, the emails we send are not confidential. All emails go through the county server therefore making them open to anyone who has access to the aforementioned server. They are also never erased and therefore can be forever accessed. With this said, be careful with what you say in an email. What you say can always come back to bite you, well you know where. It is always a good practice to not say something in an email that you would not say to that person face-to-face.


Vacation Policy

KC wanted me to pass along a reminder concerning the vacation policy. All vacation/personal days need to be approved one month in advance. So, when you are making your schedule for the following month, vacation/personal days have to be put in your schedule and approved by your manager and Robin (through the time-off request database on the website). Any day taken off that is not approved a month in advance will be considered a sick day. If you have any questions concerning this policy feel free to speak with your manager, Robin or KC. Thanks.