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School Referendum

“Just a reminder to give a referendum bookmark out to every patron checking out materials every time they checkout between now and the election. It would be a good idea to read the back of the bookmark, so that you are familiar with the specifics of the referendum.” Per KC.


When the cat’s away…

When the cat’s away….the mice make fun of the cat and he puts their pictures on the Internet!



March Staff Meeting Recap

1. All items to be included in the 2009-2010 calendar should be emailed to me no later than April 1st.
2. The library system will be producing and distributing book marks with information on the upcoming referendum. Please give one to each patron every time they circulate materials until the election occurs in April.
3. Dress Code Review – watch cut of tops to make sure they are not too low; no wrinkles please; watch tightness of clothing and length;
4. Parents may sign up children for a library card without children being present.
5. Patrons with old white library cards may get a new card for $2.00.
6. Remember, customer service is the 1st consideration, policy is second. Go the extra length to provide service to a patron even if sometimes you need to bend policy to do this.
7. Shower for Brittney and Michael McLain – Saturday, April 25th at 5:00 pm. Couples invited.
8. Procedure for all computer issues:

  • Call Robert
  • Email K.C. right after Robert is called

9. Consensus response to “How can I continually be aware of the impact of my personal job requirements on other employees”:

  • Awareness of co-workers job responsibilities
  • Communication
  • Be able to accept help
  • Offer to help

10. For next meeting – consider the following:

  • What can I do to help my co-workers?
  • What is good customer service?

Patron Card Issues

In the manager’s meeting yesterday, two new policies were set into place, well one was restated. First, it was assumed that parents could not sign-up their children for library cards if the children were not present. This is not the case. Parents can sign-up their children for library cards even if the children are not present, no questions asked. Second, there is a policy change for new patron card costs. We have all experienced patrons who have the old white cards and would like to acquire one of our new cards but do not want to pay the $3.00 fee that accompanies it. If a patron will turn in their old card, we will drop the price to $2.00 for the card. (Make sure the information is changed in Atriuum to reflect the new barcode.) This does not apply to lost cards. They are still $3.00 for a replacement. If you have any questions regarding either one of these changes, do not hesitate to speak with your manager.

Dr. Seuss in the House!!

Just thought everyone would enjoy seeing our very own Vickie dressed as Dr. Seuss. lol