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Word of Caution

At the main branch, and probably at all the branches, we have a box full of recycled paper. I was going through it the other day and noticed some items that should not have been in there so I wanted to make a post about what not to put in these boxes. Blank paper should never be placed in these boxes. Put it back into the copier to be used for actual printing. Prints that a patron has rejected but still has any of their personal information on it, even an email address, should not be placed in the box. Lastly, anything we print off from Atriuum that has patron’s information on it should not be placed in the box. This is true of reserve lists too because they still have the patron’s name on it. So, just be careful about what is put into these boxes. Thanks.


Computer Classes for Staff

This post is for clarification regarding computer classes taught at the libraries. All classes are open to staff free of charge. If you are interested in a class contact Delores to check openings. You also need to put it in your schedule submission to Robin. It has to be scheduled before you can take the class. If you have any questions just ask. Thanks.