Archive for January, 2009

Form 1099

Andy informed me today that IRS From 1099 cannot be used from the Internet. This form is not sent to us. Inform patrons this is a form they need to acquire from their employer. If you have any questions call RayRay “The Taxman.”


Reserve Shelf Mayhem

As many of you may know, when a reserve is cancelled on the reserve shelf it automatically goes to the next person but keeps it on the same reserve shelf even though it may need to go to another library. Thanks to Spencer there is now a solution. If you find your self in the aforementioned situation, go ahead and check the item out to the patron for whom it was on the reserve shelf for. Then check the item in. This will go ahead and tell you where the item needs to go for the next person on the reserve list. I hope this clears some issues up. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks again Spence!

Concerning Old Barcodes

Here at the main branch we have discovered something concerning old barcodes. We all know of times when old barcodes are scanned and the screen goes white or will not take the barcode. There is a way to fix this without having to change the barcode. Go to catalog and click on edit item. Scan the barcode. Under holdings click on Edit in the holdings box (box is outlined in blue).On the next screen click change the Barcode Type to 14-Holdings-Text. Then click Save and this will alleviate the problem. We might need to do this in one big clump at some point but for now do it on a need by need basis. If you have any questions just call myself or Vickie.