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Help Needed


This photo is in need of a caption. Does anyone have any ideas?


Email Subscription

I know it is hard for many of you to remember to check the blog on a regular basis so I have added an email subscription to the page. Anytime a new post is added it will be sent directly to your email. To comment you will have to go to the blog and post it there. There is a link in the top, left hand column called Receive Posts By Email. Just click on the link and it will give you instructions on signing up. Its that easy. Thanks.

ILL Instructions

This post will go for main and how we handle ILL transactions. Here are the procedures that Andy would like for us to follow:


Directions for Checking out ILL Items at Main Branch

1.     Find book or books on Reserve shelf in closet.

2.     Bring to the circ desk and pull the card with patron’s name, phone number and due date out of the book.

3.     Check out the book using the SCPL barcode slip at the back of the book.  **Give the book a special due date according to the date given on the patron slip you pulled from the book instead of the standard 3 week due date.  This is important because this is the due date given us by the lending library as to when the book should be sent back.

4.     After checking out using the special due date, take the card with the patron’s name, etc.  you pulled from the book and put it in the black wire letter holder sitting to the right of the computers at the circ desk.

5.     If you have any questions about procedures please contact Andy.

Directions for Checking In ILL Items at Main Branch

1.     Check in the same as you would any other book using the barcode slip attached to the back of book. 

2.     Place book in wire basket labeled “ILL” on bottom shelf of the reshelving staging area just inside the door to Todd’s office.

Let Andy know if you have any questions. Thanks.


Laughter on a Friday

I was reading a blog and they had posted this video that I haven’t seen in years. I first saw it when I was in college and just couldn’t get enough of it. I was glad to find it again. You will definitely need your sound on for this so you might have to watch it at home [or your manager’s office ;-)]. Why is it so amusing to see someone else in pain

Help with a Class

In December you will have the privilege (this might be the wrong wording but you get the drift) of having Andy and myself teaching you a class. The aforementioned class will deal with issues pertaining to public access computer issues that arise on a fairly regular basis (not that these ever come up). We have a few ideas in mind but would like some input from you on what some of the major problems and questions you receive from patrons. Please leave questions or issues as a comment and we will try to implement them into the class. Be ready to be amazed with our awesome computer skills and maybe even a little razzle-dazzle!

(Sorry for that last sentence but I had to do something to make this post somewhat interesting; plus I’ve always wanted to use the words razzle-dazzle in a post and now I’ve done it twice.)