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Two Changes and One Reminder

The two changes mostly pertains to the main branch staff but the reminder is for everyone. The first deals with library card applications. They are now located under the metal draw on the right side of the circ desk. There you will find the application, the policies and the top shelf contains a manilla folder with complete applications. The cards are located in the same draw as before. Besides the change in location we are also making a change to how the applications are double checked. This will now become a part of the morning routine. The completed applications will need to be double checked and filed before 10:00 am everyday, if possible. I know this will not always be the case because of the business but these need to be kept up more than what they are now.

The second change deals with our shelves holding new material. All NOLI video and audio material will now be placed within our video and audio collections. The area where these materials where will now be the area known as “New to Us.” These will be books that we have obtained either through donations or McKays. They may not be new books but they are new to our collection. I think we need to let the patrons know of these materials because, in most cases, we have never had them before and the patrons need to be notified of their presence. The books in this section will be marked by a white circle with the date it entered our building just like the new material. The “New to Us” books will always be marked with a white circle and the new material will always be marked with a colored circled so they will be distinguishable. The “New to Us” books will stay on this particular shelf for four months while the new material will stay on for eight months. If you have any questions just ask.

As for the reminder, please be sure that all audio and video material is checked for its contents when they are checked in. It is probably a good idea to do this when they are checked out as well. These items are expensive and it is nice to keep them as long as possible. Well, I hope you aren’t overwhelmed with all this information. Thanks.


Quite Funny

You might have to watch this at home so you can hear it.