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Quarterly Meeting

This post is a week late but some other items took precedence. I wanted to get some thoughts on our quarterly staff meeting from last week in Seymour. There were many good things said by our speaker. What stuck out to you the most? Was there anything that you learned? Any other comments would greatly be appreciated. There was a lot to digest and it would be good to have some dialogue about it. Thanks!


A Couple of Reminders

Good morning all! This post is in reference to some observations I have made at the main branch but can be good reminders for the whole system too. First, please remember to count all questions. This is a very important statistic we record. I know it is hard to catch every single question you are asked but it please make it a priority to keep track of this. Invent your own system for yourself as far as how you will keep track of this information and make it a daily practice.

The second reminder is for in-house use. This is also a very important statistic that we need to keep. At least once, if not twice, a day someone needs to go through the shelves and collect all books from the shelves that are laying on top, put beside a row, or even out of order. As a rule of thumb, if you are going to a shelf and find a book out of order this probably means a patron has picked up that book and put it back in the wrong place. This needs to be counted as an in-house use item. Every time I go out into the stacks I am finding at least an arm-load of books that need to be counted as in-house. Also, every night before closing someone needs to go through the newspaper sign-out sheet so they can be scanned as in-house. And throughout the day, someone needs to be keeping track of the other newspapers used as well that are on the rack next to the door.

If you have any questions or add-ons to this post please do not hesitate to leave them. Thanks.

Block Cards

This a reminder for those at the Main Branch to please remember to take out the block cards. When we are double checking it slows down the process to have to take these cards out. Many believe it is Andy but I’m not pointing any fingers. Thanks.

Link to Blog

Hello all! I just wanted you all to know that the lovely Delores has put a link to this blog on our website at Here is what it looks like:


This will make it easier for everyone to find the blog and not have to remember the address. Thanks.

Getting Emails

Good morning all! I wanted to remind everyone that we are in the process of getting our email program in Atriuum up and running. This will enable us to send emails to those with overdue books and fines instead of spending time and money sending snail mail. One thing we need everyone in the system to do is to get patron’s emails. When someone comes to the desk to check material out and you see we do not have an email address for them ask them if they have one and put it in the system. Some may be skeptical but insure them that we will not sale or use their email address of soliciting purposes. Iterate to them it is a cost saving tool for the library system.

Also, remember that we are doing door counts this week. Thanks and have a great Monday!