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8.8.08 Meeting Minutes

Here are the topics discussed in our meeting this morning for the Main Branch.

  • Please be sure to count as many questions as you can during the day. Come up with your system for keeping track of the questions or count them on the counters on the desk. These are very important to our stats. As Betty said, we need to change the way we think about the reason behind keeping up with these stats.
  • Remember to place reserves right away. When you get a call or someone comes to the front desk to reserve material put the reserve on then. We have had a couple of instances where this did not take place and patrons were not happy when there reserve never came in.
  • The phone needs to be answered as soon as possible. Try to not let it ring more than three times.
  • Help watch desk at all times even when out in stacks and on reference desk.
  • Check plugs for security system every night before closing and throughout day to be sure they are plugged in.
  • On the holdings shelf each person will be given a file holder, that needs to be checked everyday, with information they or other people have put in it.
  • The top shelf of the wire basket cart in my office is for anything that needs Liz’s attention and the bottom shelf is for item that need to be deleted, changed or fixed. Please be sure to notation on the material as to what needs to be done.