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Things to Know

I will be on vacation all next week….YAHOO!! There a few things you need to know before I leave.

  1. The only time the meeting room will be used is on Tuesday at 10:15 for the First United Methodist story time that Virginia will be doing. 
  2. Vickie will be gone on Monday from 9:30 till 12:30 helping with the movie for SRP at the movie theatre.
  3. I would like the front desk to be organized and cleaned. Basically it is in shambles at the moment and needs to be straightened and all nonessentials trashed. After the cleaning, we’ll come up with ways to make the desk more efficient for our needs.
  4. A change has been made in where we keep material going to other branches and reserve material. They are both in the closet next to the circulation desk. The reserves will be on your right as you walk in and the transit material is on the back shelf. Please be careful to put Kodak’s material below their name and Seymour’s below their name.
  5. Please do not let items needing attention (i.e. down computers, broken toilet, etc.) go to the wayside. If something needs to be taken care of, take care of it and don’t expect someone else to do it.
I believe that is all I have for moment. I hope you all have a great week.

7.18.08 Meeting Minutes

Here are the items discussed in the main branch meeting for 7.18.08.

  • Please be sure and get on the blog and read the article about TN libraries. As discouraging as it may be to hear we are almost last on many of the lists, we can be proud of what we do here everyday even with the little that is provided to us.
  • Our staff is low at the moment, especially in lieu of Daniel leaving, but interviews are taking place today and we hope to have a new member very soon. We can still do our job, and do it well, with the great staff we have right now.
  • The shelves are in a complete disarray at the moment. Even though we are very busy and short-handed right now we need to do our best to keep the place looking neat. If you see items out of place or disheveled, please take the time to fix them. The shelves also need to be shelf read but I believe much of this will take care of itself once we do the inventory.
  • All items, whether they are reserves or not, that are going to another branch have to be put in-transit. This is a priority.
  • When someone calls or walks up to the desk and wants a reserve placed on a book it needs to be done at that time. Also, if a patron calls and wants a book we have placed on reserve, we need to go to the shelf to make sure it is there before the reserve is placed. To go along with this, anytime you are searching for material that the OPAC says we have on our shelf and it cannot be found, mark it as lost. When the book is eventually found, either by it being checked out or inventoried, and scanned it will be marked as found.

A Must Read Article

If you haven’t heard on the news or in the newspaper this morning, Tennessee has been ranked almost last in the nation for its public libraries in almost every category. The link below is to an article in The Tennessean written about the underfunding of our libraries. Please take the time to read this article. In light of this, we need to realize how important the services we offer are to our patrons. Even though we are not given the resources we need and deserve, we can still offer a lot. If we do our best with what we have maybe more people will see how important we are to our community. Ok, I’m off my soapbox now. Thanks.

Read the article here.

Going Green Suggestions

At our team meetings last week KC announced the idea of the system going green. There are plenty of ways this can be done within out buildings. A few mentioned were recycling paper by putting bins next to the public copiers, turning out lights in meeting rooms and bathrooms when not in use, and making sure all the water faucets are turned off. This is just the beginning of what we could do. Please leave comments with your suggestions on the initiative. Below I have listed a few websites regarding different ideas on how to go green. Thanks.


I was sitting at the computer sign-in desk today and noticed the mess on and around the desk. There was a cart with magazines piled on it, envelopes on the ground beside the desk and the desk itself had trash on it. Please keep this area and the desk clean and tidy. If you work on projects and such while working at the desk, make sure you clean up your mess and put the material in a work area in the back when you are finished. Thanks.

Post Script

I failed to mention in my post yesterday that money can no longer be counted earlier than 15 minutes before we close. This is causing to many discrepancies when counting in the mornings and with the deposits. From now on, please count the money 15 minutes before the building closes. Thanks.

Money Sheet & Counting Drawer

Starting today there will be a new sheet to complete when counting the drawer at night (see pic on left). Each day when the drawer is counted in the morning and the evening (not for the deposit) the total amount for each denomination needs to be counted and written down. The total for opening and closing will also need to be written under the appropriate column. Also, the deposit for that day is to be written on the form. The form will hold two days counting, and once that is compete it put it in the tray on the end of my desk.

This is somewhat of an inconvenience but very necessary in light of recent shortages in the drawer. Many discrepancies were found when Catherine was count the last deposit. This is very disheartening and needs to be addressed and fixed now. This is also a good time to remind everyone that accountability began today. Anytime the drawer is left short it will be the responsibility of everyone working on the desk to split the cost of the shortage. It is imperative that we handle all monies in a professional and appropriate manner. 

As a side note, when you are completing the Closed Report sheet the total cost category does not need to include Foundation money. Thanks.