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Change to Close Report

I have changed the way the close report looks at have also added a couple of new categories. A wifi column has been added. A count of how many people are using the wifi connection needs to be counted. If you see someone with a laptop out this needs to be counted as a wifi user. There will be a piece of paper beside the counters so the number of people can be tallied. Also, I want to start keeping a more accurate count reference and directional questions. I have put the counters on the counter beside the register so everyone can start keeping a better count. Please use this as much as possible. I actually believe we are shorting ourselves with the number of questions we receive daily. Directional questions are when someone asks you where something is located within the library. Such as asking where the fiction are located or where Genealogy is located. Reference questions are those where we dispense information to the patron. This includes how to use a program on the computer, if we have a certain book in the system, or help in finding directions on the Internet.

The other column added to the report deals with number of new patrons. I need an exact count of adult, children and youth who received a card. There are columns on the form they complete that will tell you what category they would fall in. Please no longer combine children and youth. If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks!


Keeping Up with the Blog

This is just a reminder that everyone needs to be checking the blog everyday. I may not post something everyday but it is good to get in the habit of checking this site just like you check you email. I will put a bookmark on the two circulation computers and the reference desk computer so you can just click on it and check the blog. Also, it is very important to leave a comment on each post. I need to know who is reading and who is not. The items brought up are important and need everyone’s attention. If you do not know how to leave a comment let me know so I can show you. Thanks!

Two Other Issues

I have two other issues as well. First, all Noli audio (Books-on-Tape and CD’s) need to be put in the back next to the microwave. They will be here this week to do the swap. The second item has to do with the dishes in the back. If you use any dish in the back please wash it the same day you use it and once it dries put it away. The dishes do not need to sit in the sink for days at a time. They also do not need to be Guane’s problem. Just remember that if you use it you need to wash it. Thanks!

Cash Drawer

Catherine worked on the deposit today and noticed many mistakes over the last week and a half. There were many times when the drawer was short, and more than just some change. There are a couple of different ways to elevate this problem. First, slow down when putting money into the drawer. I know it gets very busy and hectic at times on the front desk but it would really help to just slow down and make sure you are punching in the correct amount and also giving back the correct change. Second, everyone needs to be using the change counter on the drawer. If you do not know how to do this I will be showing everyone how to use it. I won’t do it here because it might be too confusing. 

In regards to the cash drawer when it is short the staff that worked that day and used the drawer will have to make up the difference if there is a shortage. This coincides with the accountability that starts July 1. If you have any questions please do not be afraid to ask. Thanks!