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Next Week

Just to remind everyone, Virginia and myself will be in meetings everyday all week long. We will only be here in the meeting room on Monday and Seymour the rest of the week. Please remember on Monday that only emergencies are to take precedence over the meeting. All other inquiries can wait until the meeting is over. You can also email any questions to either one of our inboxes (we will have our computers with us the whole time). You guys are doing great work and we know you can handle it on your own. Thanks again!


First Order of Business

This is just a reminder to be very careful when you are checking in material. Please make sure that just because you hear the beep on the scanner does not mean the item was checked in. Look at the screen to be sure. Also, please do not forget to double check books before you take them out to shelve. We had an incident this morning where two books were not checked in and put back on the shelf. The patron was not pleased. It saves us time and humilation when we add in this one little extra step. Thanks!

Something New

Hello SCPLS Main staff! After many talks with Virginia concerning different issues needed to be discussed, we thought it would be a good idea to start a blog that addresses said issues. Sine we only have a main branch meeting once a month we tend to forget some of the items we have tossed around. We will use this blog in a variety of different ways. There will be updates given on what is going on in the library, issues will be raised by Virginia and myself that need to be addressed (this could be anything from more shelf reading needs to take place to remember to count the cash drawer every morning), and we will use it to give thanks and congrats for jobs well done. It will be your responsibility to check this blog at least a couple of times a day. We may not put updates on here everyday but it will be a good idea to check just in case someone puts a comment. Also, once you have read an entry you will need to post a comment with your initials that way we know you have read the entry. You can also make a comment about the entry and bring further dialogue to the table that may need to be discussed. If you have any questions regarding this idea please let Virginia or myself know. Also, if you need help on how to post a comment I will be glad to show you how.